Fifi loves splashing in puddles
Fif loves purple nail varnish
Fifi loves to dance
Fifi loves painting
Fifi enjoys playing tennis
Fifi loves a spicy BBQ
Raspberry ice cream time!
Pizza time!
Fifi likes to share her sandwiches with the birds
Fif reflecting on nature
Fifi’s fizzy elderflower cordial party!
Fifi finds fencing fun!
Fifi likes to holiday in the Lake District, even though she gets lost
Tea outside is such a treat
Tea inside with Mrs Rabbit
Mrs Rabbit giving Fifi gerberas to say thank you for the carrot cake she made for her little ones
Fifi loves taking care of her beehives, and the honey makes lovely presents for her friends
Inside Fifi’s brain
Fifi and red bird blowing bubbles in their drinks!
Fifi loves playing the banjo with her friends
Sometimes she likes to be peaceful and play the piano alone, with just the birds and the butterflies listening
Tickling and can very funny!
On holiday she likes to go snorkeling
Fifi has plans to put in a pool for everybody to enjoy, and make a swing too!
Fifi likes to watch the sunset with her friends
When she stays out late she gets scared by all the shadows that seem to chase her as she runs home!
Happy in her cosy bed
Fifi’s Annual Great Gatsby party is a hoot!

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